Monday, September 27, 2021

Sacrificial Offering- Rudolf Steiner


{celebrant between two assistants face the altar – celebrant starts}

The Deeds of Christ on Golgotha stand before our souls. The mood of consecration in our souls manifest to us Christ’s Deeds on earth. The reverence of our souls implore Christ’s Sacrifice for humanity. The veneration of our souls impart to this offering circle the experience of Christ’s Sacrifice for humanity. {after a pause the celebrant continues}

The Father-God be in us The Son-God create in us The Spirit-God enlighten us. {celebrant turns around to assembly} Christ in you

{right assistant responds}

and may He fill your spirit.

{celebrant faces altar, right assistant continues facing altar}

To the Father-God we turn our spirit. He weaves in the depths of worlds He lives in our humanity. we are all, that we are in His existence through His power.

To the Son-God we turn our soul.

He prevails as eternal Word in worlds-existence and in human beings we are consoled in our weakness through His Strength, in His Deed of Sacrifice.

To the Spirit-God we turn our willing He illumines our resolves He capacitates our deeds. we find strength in our darkness through His Light, and power of soul through Him as Spirit-Sun.

{left assistant prepares to read the Gospel facing altar}

My heart carry within it consciousness of your Life

O Christ; from my lips proceed Your pure Word

O Christ. Your Grace enable me to speak Your Word

O Christ.

{left assistant turns to face assembly and reads the Gospel}

[Gospel reading]

{left assistant faces altar, celebrant continues facing the altar}

We lift up our soul to You, O Christ. Your Gospel as pure Word, expunge from our words what is impure in them {celebrant turns around to assembly} Christ in you

{right assistant answers}

and may He fill your spirit.

{celebrant faces altar – both assistants continue facing altar}

{left assistant continues facing altar}

Yea, so be it.


{right assistant continues facing the altar}

To You, eternal Ground of Worlds, weaving in the vastness of space and in the far reaches of time submit the holiest feelings from your human offspring’s votive hearts. You see into the failings of these hearts; so may there also ray out to you the longing of these hearts.

{celebrant continues very slowly facing altar} All of our human nature ponder Christ’s Deed. Our body yearn for Christ’s Power our blood crave for Christ’s Light. {celebrant with arms raised} In your heights of Sun O Christ look upon the sacrifice of our human nature;
our soul-filled body, our spirit-enlivened blood. They be in You be You in them.

{right assistant continues facing altar}

From human soul-sacrifice from human spirit-sacrifice grow the being-creating fire of love that holds sway from us to God that holds sway from person to person.

{left assistant continues facing altar}

Yea, so be it.

{celebrant turns around to assembly}

Christ in you.

{right assistant turns around to assembly}

And may He fill your spirit.

{celebrant and right assistant turn to face altar}


{left assistant continues facing the altar}

Our thinking radiate towards You our feeling long for You

our willing endeavor after You Divine Ground of Worlds.

{right assistant continues facing the altar}

Our destiny be harbored with You our life flow in You our longing strive for You Christ, our Helper and Guide.

{celebrant continues facing the altar}

He united Himself, before going to His human death with His own. He consecrated His Body the bearer of His Soul to the Divine Ground of Worlds He consecrated His Blood the bearer of His Spirit to the Light of the Ground of Worlds and thus He gave Himself over to His own. So let in spirit-transformation our body our bearer of soul our blood our spirit bearer become His Body become His Blood. He spoke :
partake; His Grace let us speak partake: we want to give You: sacrifice, in the Light of Your Sacrifice, seeking our being in Your Being.

Christ hold sway bearing healing in our soul imparting power in our spirit.
{right assistant continues facing altar}

Christ is in us. His Light shines His Grace shepherds His Power weaves all here.
{left assistant continues facing the altar}

The Spirit-God wield over our thinking weave in our feeling work out of our willing.

{left assistant facing the assembly}

Yea, so be it.

{celebrant and both assistants face altar}

{left assistant continues facing altar}

O Christ, You have in inexhaustible Goodness in immeasurable Love in boundless Grace

of Your Sacrifice, seeking our being in Your Being.

Christ hold sway bearing healing in our soul imparting power in our spirit.


{right assistant continues facing altar}

Christ is in us. His Light shines His Grace shepherds His Power weaves all here.

{celebrant turns around and speaks to assembly}

Christ in you

{right assistant turns around to assembly and responds}

and may He fill your spirit.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

The Nature of the Sphinx

N.C. Wyeth
Here we have a clue to the nature of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is really the being who has us by the throat, who strangles us. When the ether-body expands as a result of the force of the breathing, a Luciferic being appears in the soul. In such an ether-body there is then not the human, but the Luciferic form, the form of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is the being who brings doubts, who torments the soul with questions.

And so there is a definite connection between the Sphinx and the breathing process. But we also know that the breathing process is connected in a very special way with the blood. Therefore the Luciferic forces also operate in the blood, permeating and surging through it. By way of the breathing, the Luciferic forces can everywhere make their way into the blood of the human being and when excessive energy is promoted in the blood, the Luciferic nature — the Sphinx — becomes very strong.

Because man is open to the Cosmos in his breathing, he is confronted by the Sphinx. It was paramountly during the Greco-Latin epoch of civilization that, in their breathing, men felt themselves confronting the Sphinx in the Cosmos. The legend of Oedipus describes how the human being faces the Sphinx, how the Sphinx torments him with questions. The picture of the human being and the Sphinx, or of the human being and the Luciferic powers in the Cosmos, gives expression to a deeply-rooted experience of men as they were during the Fourth Post-Atlantean epoch, and indicates that when, in however small a degree, a man breaks through the boundaries of his normal life on the physical plane, he comes into contact with the Sphinx-nature. At this moment Lucifer approaches him and he must cope with Lucifer, with the Sphinx.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Illness & the World of Spirit

Let us assume we have had an illness in life which has caused pain. At some point, when we are in the world of the spirit, we will experience the opposite mood or state of mind, feeling ourselves to be in health. This mood of being in health will strengthen us to the same extent to which the illness weakened us before.

This may come as a shock to the intellect; it may also enter much more deeply into the emotional life and irritate the soul. We know that certain things which are of the spirit must always be grasped at this level. We need to consider the following: some kind of shadow lies over the connection between the physical illness and the health which gives us strength in the world of the spirit. The connection is a true one, but somehow we feel in our hearts that we cannot really accept this. This has to be admitted. If we really understand the connection, it has another effect, which may be described as follows.

For those who make a serious effort to absorb and study the science of the spirit, not just in theory, by merely taking in thoughts and ideas in the way other sciences are studied but as something like a spiritual life blood, awakening inner responses and feelings, for those who have the right ear for this science of the spirit, there is nothing in it which does not either uplift or allow them to look into the abysses of existence, in order that they may find their bearings. Those who truly understand the science of the spirit will always follow everything it has to say with their feelings. If we absorb this science, acquiring the habit of thought and formation of ideas, we actually transform our souls while still in the physical world. Serious study of Anthroposophy is one of the best and most effective exercises.

-Rudolf Steiner

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Forecasting Cosmic Outcomes

How can it be that there are forecasts given to great Cosmic outcomes, that certain knowledge is said to be preordained - especially in the case of high beings to whom we may study the nature and influences of?

It is said that the beams of starlight come from a time which has passed many millions of years before. This is in part correct, but also incorrect. However the example is a good one, for in the case of stories which concern great cosmic battles and their outcome, they are purported so because they have arrived at a conclusion - even though we may still hold influences which shower down upon the globe and affect our kingdoms considerably in a manner which is, relatively speaking, out of date.

The influence long carries on, as small waves radiate out from the larger, until tired - and so we may well confuse a god or two for that very emanation so imparted and perpetuated; allowing also for those very elements which are so permeated by such influence as to perpetuate also past impulses, past emanations. This is why certain outcomes are predictable; however, not strictly in the preordained sense. Because, what has already been may not be termed as 'fated'; it is just that it is yet to be experienced within the relevant realms.
Added to this there are beings who are entirely sympathetic to the greater ones, and are either related offspring or related as pupil/successors to those elements, which by nature are so characterized and inspired by their originators - and being such, do cleave to 're-enact' much of the drama which has passed before (way back in the bosom of remembrance). As a play so recalled, so dramatized, these kindred beings do take over the part and become the personified arm or leg of the greater above.

Now in this case we may have a singularly different outcome to that of the original drama. The sequence of events may alter but be based on those terms as laid down in the greater heavens. So one may not so easily distinguish present day occurrences with those which have gone before; and it is to the point of great initiation whereby one may actually view the earlier sequence of events preceding these. Yet if one is to hold an affinity for qualities as witnessed raw, magnificent and awesome, it may well be difficult to return with an objective attitude of history and law.

All great beings have living representatives. They may also be divisible of themselves. They may also have lower offcasts which are of themselves and duplicatable. They may leave their impressions everywhere. We should be overcome were we to come face to face with even the shadow of an exalted being. There are even those who are hateful and loathsome in the extreme, but so magnificently so, that one would be 'taken' by the magnificence and strength of their emanations. We are most protected from such visions.

There is one who has tamed Himself that He would not overwhelm to distraction; and we are His in duplication, for He is the King of remedies. How may the elements coexist without warring? Without such domination as to pre-decide, what shall make a man a man? It is because of the properties as given by Christ, of Him. Otherwise we would be rent apart or overshadowed by such beings as do also hold elements within us.

-B. Hive

Friday, July 09, 2021

Mosquitos & Sin

THAT the mosquito bites you is a sin against you; her desire is a blight, and she then carries away a small portion of your soul-self unknowingly. Sin is like the mosquito, for it persists and would feed upon the man, taking a little from him, of him. 

Relative to his true nature, the size of the insect as opposed to the man is quite so; and every now and then same insect injects along with her desire, a poison which may provoke death - the same is with sin in each jab, sting and itch. Most are a nuisance; collectively (if they seized upon you all at once) they should surely take all of your life from you; but singly they are minor, unless they bring poison - a poison to kill us could be made to materialize and be supported.