Saturday, March 10, 2012

Comparing Drinks with Solids

When an adult or an infant is debilitated through illness or malnutrition it is preferable to feed them with fluidic foods and their recovery will be all the greater for it.

Even an apple in its solid state can be more difficult for an ailing system to consume, when compared to that same apple either juiced, stewed or pureed. And much more so of course, becomes the differentiation when we examine meats and breads upon the organism.

In many respects there have been considerations as to whether or not humans were ever destined to consume non-fluidic foods. Esoterically there is a great importance given to all substance which is fluidly mobile, for its proportion of ‘trapped vapours’ … its fluidic constitution remonstrates both life and congeniality proportioned to the bulk.

The soulic forces can only physically inhabit their substances in that which is fluidically responsive to them. When matter becomes consolidated the forces begin to draw back … and if no water is present within that substance they rescind entirely. (Water is the manifestation of the Heavenly Ego, which provides the perfect ‘body’ for all soulic forces intervening in the physical.)