Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Eighth Night

  •  On the eighth night the bounty is plentiful
Here lives the truth that as the udder empties it infills again! 

We have begun on the first impulse of the new set - and our meditation to take with us on this evening is of believing and experiencing the sustaining power of all that is Divine.

We have given up what we have had of ourselves in setting the completed past to the past, and are given the faith now that new life will come to us. Here is the beginning of that new life with fresh nourishment abounding.
[Eight Maids a'milking]


Monday, December 30, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Night Seven

  • On the seventh night we watch the past set forth from us
This, as was said before, is the period of a completion, of a closure, for which we will bring the former nights and days into the experience and then draw to an end. The swans (in this swansong) will set off as this perfect set, and into this compilation now fulfilled we have experienced what has passed up until now in the experience of our Father, and then by the power of the Two, and then through the motivation, and then to ask for more space within, and then to realize it for what it was, and then to give thanks for the goodness there - to come to now. 
On this night we say goodbye to these beloved swans as they swim away. Our contemplation is just to watch them go and set our eyes upon a differing horizon.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Twelve days of Christmas- Night Six

  • On the sixth night we review our past accomplishments

The number six is the one number which is before that of seven - which is the number of a set fulfilled (and therefore ended). It is this time and this period that we can look to what are the merits of our own lives, what good we have invested and upheld, and cherish these talents and times. 

If we go to the heavens with thanksgiving they are cued into knowing then what it is we would like more of to come. It is imperative that we find the time to have gratitude for that which we love and appreciate within our past lives and to sustain it into our futures by that very thanksgiving.

On this night we can summarize as best we can before sleep, all that which we have felt as divine kindness working with us, through us or to us in our experience. Our six geese a'laying give us golden eggs to begin the next set! They are heavenly creatures of fertile work.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Fifth Night

  • The fifth night the world becomes palpable
On this night we have experienced the four previous nights and what their gifts might mean to us, and now the space which is filled becomes apparent. Our consciousness here moves to a firmer and more concrete perception of what is around us. This can be not only in the physical world that we are more 'connected' or 'grounded', but in our thinking processes as well.

The rings denote containment. Earthly material comprises a living spiritual substance (a cohabitation of being and virtue) which is contained and set within perimeters of patterned consistency. Although physical matter deteriorates, it does not dissolve or respond in ways that other realms experience. It is stubbornly fixed and the 'five golden rings' give us five golden globes of existence we have worked our way through. 

Our contemplation before retiring on this night is to be equipped to experience that which is before us as it is - the reality we have to work with now. By identifying this reality we become mature and strong enough to therefore enhance it further during the following periods.


Friday, December 27, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Night Four

  • The fourth night is the four angels of the four quarters of space

On the fourth night we give and are given 'space' to make ready our incoming actualities. The gift of the four is precisely this. Four angels govern and qualify and characterize the four quarters of all cosmic space and its infilling virtue. On this journey heavenward we are gathering up our provisions, and our first provision for that in our life to enter in anew, is the space to be present that it can. 

This is now the perfect night before retiring into slumber, to contemplate possibilities, to hang out our empty stocking as it were to be infilled! 

(Four calling birds [originally 'colley' birds - blackbirds, black as coll/coal])


Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Third Night

  • On the third night comes the Holy Spirit

On the third night we return with our experience now of the Holy Trinity in action - as it works within our own personal creation - as the Holy Spirit inspires and divines the fresh life destined to be manifest.

Without the Holy Spirit we would be continually given over to ennui, and though nights one and two carry a certain measure of peace in the experience, this same peace now becomes also a supportive strength, enabling us to travel further upon the vitality of this mighty moving Spirit now known. (Three French Hens - the Trinity.)

So we have had our being sustained etherically, and then we have had our consciousness enlivened by our Christ as He examines all about us, and now through Him we can see also our Father's Divine Will as it motivates our life, the etheric life and all other life besides. Our chief concern on this night to contemplate is our own will and drive and fervor in the world. We may anticipate a sense of personal motivation becoming clarified within us. And wake to feel the spirit within us!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Night Two

  • The second night becomes the meeting of two
On the second night we go to Him with the inner experience of the night before, before our soulic nature, becoming evident also to the ego. Just as the song 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' goes on to repeat itself and recap the earlier days within the current day, so our experience gathers over the twelve nights (during the global fourteen). Our experience shifts now from being unconsciousness to recollective and from that into further knowledge. In this we experience Christ also, whose presence becomes apparent through this self-conscious reflection.

He is apparent to us in all meetings. In this power of two we find a unity of self and Father, Father God and Christ. There is a peace experienced in this unity (two turtle doves). Our meditation on this night is of marvelous meetings - of conjunctures. Of meetings that will come to us also in the year ahead. May we be aware of not only the Great Ones' Presence, but of our being with them and our being together.


The Twelve Days of Christmas- First Night

  • The first night is of Father God
We go to Him and experience only Him. This is where we may come back with only an unconscious experience of Him and not of ourselves. This is His day. Every night we sleep we go to Him and replenish ourselves etherically. The pear tree examples this etheric life. He is at the apex of all life. We return with the blessings of this meeting. Before entering into sleep on this night we can hold before us the picture of the golden pear tree and its etheric splendor; knowing that when we arise to once again feel the senses within our bodies, to infill the limbs and circulate warmly; we have been to paradise and eaten His fruit that sustains us throughout all of the worlds.