Saturday, January 04, 2014

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Twelfth Night

  • On the twelfth night we set it down and make it real
The percussive movement of the drum, by its repetitiveness and its sound, brings the intended spiritual into the physical and makes it real. On the previous night we gathered our gifts and gave them out in the form of song. This is not exactly a permeation of the physical when compared to the drum. It is no less important either. In point of fact it is a little alike to someone praying for someone who is ill (and this we could call piping the spiritual inspiration) or administering an exact remedy or food (and this would be drumming for example).

If we deliver a wonderful inspiration or truth, if we share a thought or intuitively are guided to act, this would be spiritually playing the pipes. On the other hand if we bring something into actuality by example proving a spiritual worth, being dynamic to a visible reality that is further now within the world at large, then we have drummed, so to speak, and made it real.

On this night there is a certain intent required to accompany this power of this drumming. We require the preparation of the nights before to help guide and clarify what it is that we would choose to find so important that we would have it made real through us, to incarnate through us.

These are the twelve nights of The Incarnation.

Friday, January 03, 2014

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Eleventh Night

  • On the eleventh night we come to exhibit great creation!
This night is the very cry and movement of the sympathetic divinities working through us [pipers piping]. Now, after having been prepared, we can give out into the world fine and wonderful creations. The spiritual worlds can sing through us by whatever means we have chosen.

On this night our meditation to take with us into the pastures of deep sleep, is of ourselves bringing back into the world such heavenly inspirations that would manifest through our being and give meaning to that which meets with us, and who we truly are.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Tenth Night

  •    On the tenth night we identify with Our Father

This is a night of our being little gods and comprehensively experiencing the wholeness of our own domain. We have come through the ninth period to find that the working whole is doing well and we have mastery with our imagination, with our concepts, with our being, with our egos, over its entirety.

On this night we also can identify with those other men and women who have come to the same, and are lords of their own province, whose development has brought them now 'leaping' through to this stage.
[Lords a'leaping]


Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Ninth Night

  •   On the ninth night we come to find cohesion
New patterns will emerge, new laws, new formations of character and future. This 'dance' of the nine is ongoing and within its own terms quite magically repetitive. We can rest on a form (albeit a new form) of substantiality now becoming apparent to us. This of course has taken over from the old.

This is part of the set to which we now work with, rather than repeating the old laws and dance, formerly experienced.

On this night we can pray and be mindful of our own inner monarchy and for what we might choose within that monarchy as tenant and denizen. We set the rhythm and the pattern of the workings of our own lives. This is the very period of intuiting what it is we require here - to go faster or slower? More particular or not?

As much as we are given the power to set patterns, to work on this dance, we are also on this night given a review to the past dances of our behavior spiritually and mentally that were incorporated and used in our past just gone. [Nine ladies dancing.]