Sunday, February 26, 2017

Healing Prayer

Healing is a return to grace,
in soul or in stature, we pray that:-

Let there be no further insult to our being -
This being of Man, and our being of Christ.

Within each one of us there is that undertow which summons us back,
Back to the perfection of Love
Whose pinions brush past and carry twofold.

In strength of the soul,
Great and fantastic goodness does multiply,
Whilst virtue's draughts infill our being
With momentous tribute to this Life we are living
And compounded to.

We pray, as we wake,
That our first choice is made and made well,
And may each of our brothers and sisters also come to this World
In full happiness, and health -
The health of a happy spirit,
Who understands the Grace of God
Which smiles with constancy and Love
Undeterred, unharmed, unmarred.

Christ give us the patience,
Whilst we are incomplete,
To forgive ourselves of that which makes us weak,
And know only of Love as is perfect.