Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Great Shaking- Muditch Boongurang

Here is an interesting Aboriginal story from Western Australia, which appears to demonstrate an ancient pole-shift:

Long long ago before the tribes were formed, the shape of the land was completely changed by a terrific upheaval known as the Great Shaking. There were fearful rushes of wind accompanied by smoke and dust. For days and weeks and months it continued until suddenly it ceased and everything grew strangely quiet and still. For a day or more there was not a breath of wind, and there seemed to be no air to breathe. Those who had survived went about gasping for breath, and many died. At length came a welcome wind which revived the few who remained alive. But this was followed by another shaking and terrible claps of thunder, and great waves came rushing all over the land.

When the Big Water came, the surviving people and the animals were on a high hill, which saved them from being drowned. After a little while this strange Big Water rushed back back to the places from which it had come, and in its wake left huge quantities of fish, such as men had never seen before. The people could see all these fish leaping about on the plain below. They descended, gathered up the fish, and cooked and ate them, for they were in need of food, which had been difficult to get since the Great Shaking.

The people were puzzled at the strange changes that had taken place on account of the Great Shaking and the Big Water. Where there had been hills there were now plains, and where there had been plains there were now hills. But the most extraordinary thing was that the Sun did not rise or set in the same direction as before. Instead of rising on the north and setting in the south, it now rose in the east and set in the west.

-Taken from An Attempt to Eat the Moon, & other stories, recounted from the Aborigines in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, by Deborah Buller-Murphy, 1958.

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