Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Ninth Night

  •   On the ninth night we come to find cohesion
New patterns will emerge, new laws, new formations of character and future. This 'dance' of the nine is ongoing and within its own terms quite magically repetitive. We can rest on a form (albeit a new form) of substantiality now becoming apparent to us. This of course has taken over from the old.

This is part of the set to which we now work with, rather than repeating the old laws and dance, formerly experienced.

On this night we can pray and be mindful of our own inner monarchy and for what we might choose within that monarchy as tenant and denizen. We set the rhythm and the pattern of the workings of our own lives. This is the very period of intuiting what it is we require here - to go faster or slower? More particular or not?

As much as we are given the power to set patterns, to work on this dance, we are also on this night given a review to the past dances of our behavior spiritually and mentally that were incorporated and used in our past just gone. [Nine ladies dancing.]



888 said...

“In the higher worlds, there is a process which appears also in the physical world: the rotation of a vortex. You can observe this phenomenon if you watch a starry nebula. There you see a spiral. That is on the physical plane. But you can observe it on all planes. You find that one spiral swirls into the next” ~Rudolf Steiner.

888 said...

There is a connection between the words "nine" and "new" in the Romance languages.