Thursday, March 02, 2017

Rehearsed Reverse Ritual

Firstly an unhealthy ego activity is reflected in the ego-veneer which becomes as sticky or tacky, and is visibly thin in patches, but murky also. One would imagine perhaps that less ego activity would amount in a greater veneer to encase it, however it requires an inner maintenance of sorts and condenses unreasonably when there is a deficit of inner warmth and activity.

Contrary to this comes true humility. Here we may witness the very real differentiation which proves that humility enhances the self with egohood. For it is that this protective veneer may at suitable times, be shared by individuals who are responsive to each other and remitting of their selves. Not only do the aureoles stretch out and contain in combination the two or the many (who for that time are in true humility towards each other) but also the aureole intensity becomes magnificently illumined and is truly colorful with hues of blue, sprinkled with stars. The heavens become literally mirrored as the ego begins to fully function in 'open' activity.

One must realize that our self-consciousness is supported by:-

  1. That we are what we are: Beingness.
  2. That we know it: the gift of the ego.
  3. That Christ knows it: our higher astrality.
  4. That we know Christ: our Christ-Soul - not ego, but heart.
  5. That we are separate - our greater ego - to all other beings: the ego-veneer.
  6. That we may combine with all other beings: our Christ-soul combined with ego in possibility through empathy shared and in consciousness experienced.
  7. And last but not least, our Father God, our Spirit permits us to be, and furthermore is the very Life which does sustain us.
So the conductivity of the active ego is relative to its exterior shawl: our greater ego as is borrowed from Christ. Our true individuality is not compromised by that humility which leads us to 'combine proximities' (yes that is the very real meaning) and envelop ourselves within that which we adore.

Loving Christ, as with the love of another individual, expands the greater ego, and when rehearsed it may become sufficiently healthy and coherent, and this does reflect back into the consciousness of the man thereby. In this he shall be ever stronger in the World - by this we mean to say that he shall not be or feel buffeted this way and that by the thoughts and opinions of those men to whom he comes in contact with. For many such offerings are remarkably unhealthy to accommodate or wear and there are many who do know instinctively that they are burdened thereby.


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