Friday, May 05, 2017

The Name Lucifer

Origins of the name "Lucifer":
"The mystagogues and poets expressed the same meaning in the epithet Lukeios or Lukaios; which is occasionallly applied to almost every personification of Deity, and more especially to Apollo; who is likewise called Lukegenetes, or as contracted Lukegenes... it signifies Author or Generator of Light; being derived from Luke, otherwise Lukos, of which the Latin word Lux is a contraction."
The title Lucetius is applied to Jupiter.
"But from another standing-point, Bryant derives these terms from El-Luk, a title of the sun among the Egyptians and Babylonians, the initial vowel being finally elided."

-The Symbolical Language of Ancient Art & Mythology, R.P. Knight

Remember too, our St. Luke- another lightbearer.
Lucifer is identified with Loki, Mara and the Arabian Iblis/Eblis.

"When a man knows Christ, when he absorbs the wisdom which begets insight into what Christ truly is, then he redeems himself and the Luciferic Beings through this knowledge of Christ. Were man merely to say: I am content with the fact that Christ appeared and to allow myself to be redeemed by Him unconsciously — then he would contribute nothing to the redemption of the Luciferic Beings. These Luciferic Beings who have brought man freedom, also make it possible for him, if he so wills, to turn it to account in order to understand Christ.

"Then the Luciferic Spirits are cleansed and purified in the fire of Christianity and the wrong done to the earth by them is changed into blessing. Freedom has been attained; but it will also be carried into the spiritual sphere as a blessing. That man is capable of this, that he is capable of understanding Christ, that Lucifer, resurrected in a new form, can unite with Christ as the good Spirit — this, as prophecy still, was told by Christ Himself to those around Him, when He said: “Ye shall be illumined by the new Spirit, by the Holy Spirit!” This “Holy Spirit” is none other than the Spirit through whom man can apprehend what Christ has wrought."

-Rudolf Steiner


888 said...

The deer, the elk, was probably once el ek, the Great God, and may be compared with El-UK, an Egyptian and Babylonian title for the Sun. The Lost Language of Symbolism, Volume 2 By Harold Bayley

888 said...

St. Jerome and other Church Fathers identified Lucifer also the writers Joost Van Den Vondel, Milton, William Blake and George Meredith.