Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Second Coming" Prophecies

Dear Friends,
Here are some of the "Second Coming" prophecies made by Valentin Tomberg in 1933, quoted by Robert Powell in his Hermetic Astrology.

"shame - in an elemental and powerful form - will take hold of human beings. The human being will become conscious of all his shortcomings, and no one else will be able to comfort him. Human beings will then go out to seek comfort from nature. One will be able to see someone going up to a tree and embracing it - seeking comfort from it - and, standing thus, how he will weep bitterly.

"And people will then be right in seeking comfort from dumb creatures, for creatures (the beings of nature) will become transformed through the presence of Christ. At present nature has lost all hope of being redeemed, but will be filled anew with hope through the breath of the presence of Christ. Nature will become good, and will again radiate trust and kindness towards man, instead of fear and mistrust as is the case now. Wonderful changes will take place in nature. Springtimes will come which will be different from all other springtimes - with goodness which will be felt in the air and in the breath, in the breathing of the ground, in the buds and green leaves. These springtimes will be filled with a blessing that nature has never experienced before.

"Towards autumn nature will bestow her fruits in generous abundance- the sap will be life-giving and seeds will be ripe and full. For Christ will be there for nature. His presence will work in such a way that- even if it takes place only for a moment - all struggle, hate and fear will withdraw from nature.

"Extraordinary changes will become noticeable in the atmosphere. There will be regions where the air will be such that many people will be cured -cured of their illnesses through the air they breath in.. Changes in the behavior of children will manifest themselves in surprising and mysterious ways. Thus, it will happen that a circle of children playing will become quite still and will stand there motionless and in deep silence for a while... Even if communism still exists in Russia, remarkable occurrences in the school-life of communist Russia will take place. There large groups of children will suddenly experience something, concerning which they won't know what to say, but which will place them in a reverent and devout mood.

"Christ will move from the West to the East in wave-like lines. He will begin in America and will continue through Europe to the north-east of Europe. From there he will continue eastwards as far as China, where the resistance is strongest. His coming is not for all regions of the Earth simultaneously, but progresses step by step. Thereby each further step of his movement will signify a stronger force, a growth in the transmission of the Christ-Power. Only after traversing the whole of the Earth in this way will he appear to individuals in different parts of the world. Clairvoyant occultists will see him earlier, where he will be present only in the kingdoms of nature, but for many others the first experience of him will be in the human kingdom, after his expansion throughout nature is accomplished."

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888 said...

A number of individuals will see the Etheric Christ and will themselves experience the event that took place at Damascus. But this will depend upon such men learning to be alert to the moment when Christ draws near to them. In only a few decades from now it will happen, particularly to those who are young — already preparation is being made for this — that some individual here or there has certain experiences. If he has sharpened his vision through having assimilated Anthroposophy, he may become aware that suddenly someone has come near to help him, to make him alert to this or that. The truth is that Christ has come to him, although he believes that what he saw is a physical man. He will come to realise that what he saw was a super-sensible being, because it immediately vanishes. Many a human being will have this experience when sitting silent in his room, heavy-hearted and oppressed, not knowing which way to turn. The door will open, and the etheric Christ will appear and speak words of consolation to him. The Christ will become a living Comforter to men. However strange it may as yet seem, it is true nevertheless that many a time when people — even in considerable numbers — are sitting together, not knowing what to do, and waiting, they will see the Etheric Christ. He will Himself be there, will confer with them, will make His voice heard in such gatherings. These times are approaching, and the positive, constructive element now described will take real effect in the evolution of mankind."

The Etherisation of the Blood