Thursday, January 28, 2010


As known in Anthroposophy, the great leader of the Persian Cultural Epoch was Zarathustra. There were many Zarathustras which followed the original in disciplic succession, so confusion can arise over this.

He who was Zarathustra, is still to be highly regarded in our current Western spirituality- now know as the Master Jesus. Together with the Master Christian Rosencreutz, they make up the two great teachers of this time.

Of course the religion still exists in the fire worshiping Parsis (Arabic for "Persia"). The Parsis still carry beautiful traditions of fire worshiping, like carrying a candle around the house as a blessing and purification every day. It was one of the first religions to understand that "cleanliness is next to Godliness".

It had to be Zarathustra, who long before witnessed the descending Christ Spirit, who then took such a crucial role in the Incarnation.

Below is the prophecy from the Avesta of the Saviour of the future Astvatorota/ Astvat-ereta/arata- Saoshyant:

"the mighty, royal, promising-bearing
Sun-ether-ayra, God-created,
Who will pass over into the resplendent Saviour
And the others, his Apostles;
Who carries the world onwards,
And overcomes old age, death, corruption and sloth,
Who helps to eternal life,
To eternal fructification,
To freedom of the will, (to mastery of the will)
When the dead rise again,
When the living Conqueror of death appears
And through the will the world is brought forward.

- Quoted by F.W. Zeylmans von Emmichoven

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Zarathustra in the Light of Anthroposophy, by a Parsi: