Thursday, September 19, 2013

No Two Men in Creation Think Alike

No two men in creation think alike;
No two men in creation love alike;
No two men in creation are alike.

No worlds, or suns, or heavens, but are distinct,
And wear a separate beauty. Not a star
But differs from the star that nearest seems
And most congenial to its own pure state,
And this unlikeness grows with all their growth.
Manhood is individuality
Of thought.
No two men ever saw the world
Alike through outward eyes, nor ever heard
Just the same music in the wild birds’ hymn
Or the deep moaning of the wakeful sea.
Were all men just alike, then there would be
One stagnant ocean, one lethargic swamp
Of fetid and corrupting life, and men
Tired of the sameness of the universe
Unvarying and permanent, grow like
Ghastly and empty shells of heart and brain.

T.L. Harris

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