Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, our dear Creator,
Of us, of all of us,
All hallowed be Thy Name,
We hold it most sacred to us,
And do know this Name to be
That which is our very substance.

Thy Kingdom come,
As no other does fix the Eternal Law,
From which all laws are born.
Thy Will be done,
For this Will does cognise all manifestation and command all form,
On Earth as it is now in Your Heaven.

Give us this day, as we embrace Your Eternity,
Our daily bread, as we ask You to sustain us eternally;
And forgive us of our errors,
As You did make us with fault and flaw,
As we forgive all others and release them from our fixed ledger of debt,
And commit them to Perfection rather than Sin.

Lead us not into temptation,
And if put to the challenge, may we walk in the shadow of Your example,
To find the light home;
And deliver us from Evil,
That by Your Power and Presence all evil may be transformed;
For Thine is the Kingdom,
None other may presume,
The Power, everlasting,
Holy, Pure and Inextinguishable,
The Glory, we do rejoice, and shall make You proud,
For ever, and ever,
In the Eternal, in You, as of now.


Text, B.Hive's version


Carole said...

I have a question not related to this post, I don't know how to contact you otherwise and I am so keen to know more.

For three years I have been reading Steiner's work and I am still not clear about the winter solstice/Christmas event.

To me, the Divine Birth is on the winter solstice on December 21. I believe Jesus of Nazareth was born in Spring. The Roman Emperor (Constantine?) believed the Solstice to be on December 25th and when he converted to Christianity (nothing really to do with Jesus The Christ but more to do with the religion they were trying to instill at that time using his name) he changed the celebrations of the Solstice into the celebrations of Christmas, the birthday of Jesus. If he had got the date of the solstice correct people in the west would be celebrating Christmas on 21st December (?)

If this is so, how does this all fit in with the twelve holy days and nights? The solstice begins on 21 and lasts until 24th by which time the Divine Birth has occurred. Celebrating on the 25 is missing the moment, is it? Does this all sound crazy? Steiner knew the truth about so much. Why has the Waldorf movement chosen to celebrate the Christian festivals? Was this to make it more acceptable and open to more people?

Surely Steiner was referring to the cosmic Christ rather than Jesus the man Christ as referred to by the Christian Church

I just need to say, I am not Christian/Pagan or any other religion. I see myself as a spiritual being. I appreciate, respect and value all religions and all people. I really hope this email doesn't come across in a negative, critical way at all. I just wanted to run it by someone who knows a lot about all of this.

If you have time I would appreciate your insight.
Much respect,
Carole (goldchakra@hotmail.com)

888 said...

Two books about the timing of the Christian events.


You can take this to an Anthroposophy Facebook group.
And I will email you.

888 said...

A SHADOW is that which falls out from someone (or something) when there is light strong enough to make such discernible. The 'shadow of an example' means the example's projections which naturally fall this way or that; depending upon their relation to what is before them.

Although the word 'shadow' implies a gloominess distinct from its contrast of light, it is a product of a light-focus, of there being that place to where the rays have issued and met.