Sunday, November 03, 2013

Love Is Endless- Thomas Lake Harris

As I mused, in fancy friendless,
While the shades of evening fell,

From the land where Angels dwell

Came the whisper, "Love is endless,
Endless, endless!"
From the land where Angels dwell.

From my thought the Vail was taken;
In my heart I knew that Love,
From its holy home above,
Gently came my soul to waken,
Waken, waken,
From its blessed home above.

Then from all its load of sorrow,
Lifted up, my mind was free;
Full of gladness, dawned on me,
Love-inspired, a better morrow,
'Morrow, morrow,
Full of gladness, dawned on me.

Heavenly dew of peace descended,
And my Lord, from His Divine,
Comforted this heart of mine;
All my grief in love was ended,
Ended, ended—
Comforted this heart of mine.

Jesus speaks the heart's evangel,
"Love is endless!" His behest
Fills with life the happy breast.
Nearer He than man or Angel,
Angel, Angel;
Love is endless in my breast.

Nearer draws the blest Elysian;
Perfect glows the holy spell;
Love is endless; all is well.

Brighter grows the heavenly vision,
Vision, vision;
Love is endless; all is well.
I ceased; and as the dying strain,
Like a white cloud, afar was lifted,
My bosom grew inspired again,
My heart with melody was gifted.
I poured my rapid thought in words,
Till music shook the chords of Heaven;
Those golden chords, those golden chords,
Those heavenly harp-strings, three and seven
The threefold chords and strings of air,
The sevenfold breath of perfumed sweetness,
In music thrilled, as, free from care,
I sang the Hymn of Life's Completeness.


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dealite24 said...

Yes. Love and Wisdom.
Good and Truth are eternal