Thursday, November 14, 2013

Seven by T.L.Harris

There are seven degrees in the holy sphere
That girdles the outer skies;
There seven hues in the atmosphere
Of the Spirit Paradise;
And the seven lamps burn bright and clear
In the mind, the heart and the eyes
Of the Angel-spirits from every world
That ever and ever arise.

There are seven ages the Angels know
In the courts of Spirit Heaven;
And seven joys through the spirit flow
From the morn of the heart till even;
Seven curtains of light wave to and fro
Where the seven great trumpets the Angels blow,
And the throne of God hath a seven-fold glow,
And the Angel hosts are seven.
And a spiral winds from the worlds to the suns,
And every star that shines
In the path of degrees for ever runs,
And the spirit octave climbs;
And a sevenfold heaven round every one
In the spiral order twines.

There are seven links from God to man,
There are seven links and a threefold span,
And seven spheres in the great degree
Of one created immensity.

There are seven octaves of spirit love
In the heart, the mind, and the heavens above,
And seven degrees in the frailest thing, 
Though it hath but a day for its blossoming.

- Thomas Lake Harris

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