Saturday, January 21, 2017

Book of Revelation Gemstones- Sardonyx

the fifth gemstone, consists of very fine-banded layers of white chalcedony and red carnelian. Already from Roman times, both sardonyx and the quite similar agate-jasper were the famous material from which cameos were cut using the red layer as foundation and sculpturing the portrait in the white chalcedony layer, or vice versa.

In really typical sardonyx there is such an extremely fine-banded sequence that we are reminded of the phenomenon of sound vibration made visible in stone.
In fact, our listening is a sequence of lively attention and silent concentration in our soul. It becomes clear why Rudolf Steiner indicated that sardonyx is related with the sense of hearing, and is at the same time the gemstone of inspiration.

- Dr. Simon van der Heide

Centaur and Bacchante.

Giovanni Pichler (1734—1791).
Italy. Last quarter of the 18th century.
Cameo. Sardonyx, gold.

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