Thursday, January 05, 2017

Opening Prayers for Group Spiritual Study

Requisites: Flowers, Candles & Bell

At the beginning of the meeting:

• Ring Bell


Beloved Christ, Master to all great teachers in the World,
We beseech Your Presence and commit all learning to Your Care and Direction,
We come to you today in prayer to ask for Your Guidance, in these our efforts.
Too often have we erred with false judgment,
And many times prone to sweet deceptions,
Still yet we are eager to become as perfect men and women!
We pray that we shall not be dissuaded from this,
But hold fast to Your Promise, Your Vision, which You defend.
And we shall be your champions also -
Defying doubt and the guiles of false logic.

Let those who protest the glory of men
Suffer their visions affecting no other;
Until such a time that we pray will arrive,
When they exhaust their improvisations
And come to You Dear Christ, again.

Lord, Your Sweet Breath enters this very room,
The same Breath which spins orbs upon their axes,
And moves with such might,
A might that will inflict no harm.
May we come to learn of the Mysteries of this;
And cheerfully repel the insults of all great and meagre contestants.


We ask today that the surrounding and immediate ethers be cleansed, that that they might be in accordance with those aspects most suitable to wholesome, healthy, enlightening discourse, meditation or prayer - that the atmosphere be relieved and be unencumbered.


- B.Hive

I call down upon the labors of this group, the power and the grace and the love of those Masters of Wisdom who guide and direct the work we perform in brotherhood within such groups. I call down the grace and the power and the love of the Masters of Wisdom who are directly connected with the forces of the higher hierarchies. May there be with this group the spirit of good that is in you, great Masters of Wisdom, and may there also prevail and work in this group the true spirit of the Movement!

-Rudolf Steiner

  • Prayer: We invite and offer thanksgivings, both silently and openly to the Masters, and our friends who also join us today. We are in gratitude to those authors, whose work we study. We pray that our will is pure and that which is given is given in the name of Christ.
  • Divine knowledge surges in 3X
  • We now ask for silence.
  • Ring Bell.



888 said...

The Theosophical Societies used a gong to begin and end the meeting. I would imagine that occurred in Dr. Steiner's meetings as well.
There's something special in having a bell to start and end a study group.
The tone of the bell reaches up into the spiritual world- also squeaky doors (which are not well received).

Pelikan in his Secrets of Metals says the silver makes the best bells.

888 said...

From the luminous heights of the Spirit,
May God’s clear light ray forth
Into those human souls
Who are intent on seeking
The grace of the Spirit,
The light of the Spirit,
The life of the Spirit.

May He live
In the hearts
In the inmost souls
Of those of us
Who feel ourselves gathered
together here
In His name.

-Given by Rudolf Steiner to the leader of the Emerson group in London, Mrs Cull, for use by that group