Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Book of Revelation Gemstones- Topaz

the opposite of chalcedony, has a high transparency, is hard and appears in a great variety of colors. “So rich and warm is its golden tone one hesitates to call it a pastel” ( Mab Wilson). Topaz is a fluor aluminium silicate. Fluor is one of the fiercest elements, aluminium is next to silicon, the most common element in the Earth’s crust. It is the essential component of clays and clayey material.

In topaz we may recognize the colorful, immensely variable world of mankind’s ideas. There is a connection between idea and taste. There are as many diverse and divergent tastes as there are ideas. Certainly, one cannot act tastefully in life, if one has no ideas. Rudolf Steiner indicates that there is a connection between topaz and the sense of taste.
The relationship between topaz and chalcedony is, again, quite obvious. What are ideas more in need of than being furthered and protected by the enveloping qualities of our soul forces? It is only by these forces that they can grow and develop. And in the human breast, the realm of our feeling capacities, peace may arise, that kind of peace which is an active and productive force and not only the absence of conflict.

- Dr. Simon van der Heide

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