Sunday, April 23, 2017

Do we determine our own Fate?

We can acknowledge that there are two streams of thought in relation to those laws which guide a man throughout the courses of his starry travels in and out of time.

As he is drawn to and from various experiences of existence, as he knows both the universal days and the universal slumbers between, when he is swept into much causality, yet effects many events upon himself; as he courses the ages depressed and diffused only to always ever be replenished anew - there are two streams of thought, in philosophical uncertainty, where it is suggested that Man is a being, at this stage of his development, more 'driven' than driving, whilst the other suggests that he is so driven that he drives.

In consideration to the Holy Spirit from which all is empowered to be driven and driving, we must firstly attribute all subsequent furtherance and universal motoring to that. In a second consideration as to whether or not men determine their own fates essentially, remarkably or determinedly - we answer thus: yes and no:

  • Insofar as Father God gives us the essential life
  • Insofar as Christ has characterized us to make this life remarkable
  • Insofar as the Holy Spirit has empowered us to live determinedly
Yes! But without these three, no.


Question from Introducing the Futures- 14th November 1998

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Larry Clark said...

I am on my knees swooning in gratitude! Thank you!