Sunday, April 23, 2017

Forcibly Bring Another to Morality

One concern here is that it is simply not possible to forcibly bring another to morality. The word morality is not used in the social context or even in the common, but in the principle of inert value that a man may discern through the heart for himself.

A true morality is empathic and giving by nature, open, demonstrative and perhaps even exaggerated in joy. (The true meaning of morale - to keep them high.) Not morality in the depleted sense of restrictive license; rather an internal discernment which corresponds with God.

This form of discernment is acquired by the cooperation of both the ego and soul of the individual (through the means of the Arterial Self) and simply cannot be imposed....
Yet it is with this sense of correctness within, shall the individual come to know whether or not he or she should reclaim their existence and thus begin to heal.


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