Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Protection from Overwhelming Sorrow

How does one temper the reality of grief within the world with merriment, which is inhibited within the soul? (Merriment, not to be confused with false merriment – joviality - but true merriment. Ho Ho Ho.)

Self-consciousness provides for the spectator of the participating consciousness. This spectator: the 'I Am Not' (I am knot), as you would have it, comes to feel separate from the world which it views; for as a working perceptive consciousness it is separate - as a man he is not. As an individuality he is different, differently defined, self-defined.

That 'spectator' within all of us can be removed from criticism, and positioned above the general cares and woes - particularly in times of grief it shall remain there. This is not to say that this self-consciousness is not colored with preference or even emotion, but that there is a protection from overwhelming sorrow in this divorce from personality.

One can achieve this by knowing within, that no matter how gruesome, difficult, perilous or cruel conditions may present in the world, they are not permanently real, and nor do they affect us in higher realms after death. Our loved ones will endure, we shall endure, as we have done so all along. And there will be compensatory joys and much renewal, even though we may be 'open' to a seemingly treacherous existence in the here and now.

It is good for men to hear truth such as this. It is wholesome for the soul within, because truths have a way of resonating health. The soul does and will respond.

There is so little true consideration given today. This is why meditations upon 'simple' but potent truths are so lively and helpful. Contemplating truths which are essential to being, assist men with rhythms, development, order, and most importantly, returning to the awareness of that happy being which in truth is inside him.

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