Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Fifth Night

  • The fifth night the world becomes palpable
On this night we have experienced the four previous nights and what their gifts might mean to us, and now the space which is filled becomes apparent. Our consciousness here moves to a firmer and more concrete perception of what is around us. This can be not only in the physical world that we are more 'connected' or 'grounded', but in our thinking processes as well.

The rings denote containment. Earthly material comprises a living spiritual substance (a cohabitation of being and virtue) which is contained and set within perimeters of patterned consistency. Although physical matter deteriorates, it does not dissolve or respond in ways that other realms experience. It is stubbornly fixed and the 'five golden rings' give us five golden globes of existence we have worked our way through. 

Our contemplation before retiring on this night is to be equipped to experience that which is before us as it is - the reality we have to work with now. By identifying this reality we become mature and strong enough to therefore enhance it further during the following periods.



888 said...

In fact according to occult science, the Earth is indebted to Mars to such an extent that the first half of its evolution is called Mars. Mercury has an equal significance for the second half. Hence in occult science the terms Mars and Mercury are used in stead of Earth.”

Rudolf Steiner 31 Aug 1906

888 said...

These rings could just as easily be the five epochs, as the greater Globes.

888 said...

In planetary evolution we are at Wednesday:
Saturn Saturday

Sun Sunday

Moon Monday

Mars Tuesday

Mercury Wednesday, Mercredi