Monday, December 30, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Night Seven

  • On the seventh night we watch the past set forth from us
This, as was said before, is the period of a completion, of a closure, for which we will bring the former nights and days into the experience and then draw to an end. The swans (in this swansong) will set off as this perfect set, and into this compilation now fulfilled we have experienced what has passed up until now in the experience of our Father, and then by the power of the Two, and then through the motivation, and then to ask for more space within, and then to realize it for what it was, and then to give thanks for the goodness there - to come to now. 
On this night we say goodbye to these beloved swans as they swim away. Our contemplation is just to watch them go and set our eyes upon a differing horizon.

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