Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Twelve days of Christmas- Night Six

  • On the sixth night we review our past accomplishments

The number six is the one number which is before that of seven - which is the number of a set fulfilled (and therefore ended). It is this time and this period that we can look to what are the merits of our own lives, what good we have invested and upheld, and cherish these talents and times. 

If we go to the heavens with thanksgiving they are cued into knowing then what it is we would like more of to come. It is imperative that we find the time to have gratitude for that which we love and appreciate within our past lives and to sustain it into our futures by that very thanksgiving.

On this night we can summarize as best we can before sleep, all that which we have felt as divine kindness working with us, through us or to us in our experience. Our six geese a'laying give us golden eggs to begin the next set! They are heavenly creatures of fertile work.


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