Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Third Night

  • On the third night comes the Holy Spirit

On the third night we return with our experience now of the Holy Trinity in action - as it works within our own personal creation - as the Holy Spirit inspires and divines the fresh life destined to be manifest.

Without the Holy Spirit we would be continually given over to ennui, and though nights one and two carry a certain measure of peace in the experience, this same peace now becomes also a supportive strength, enabling us to travel further upon the vitality of this mighty moving Spirit now known. (Three French Hens - the Trinity.)

So we have had our being sustained etherically, and then we have had our consciousness enlivened by our Christ as He examines all about us, and now through Him we can see also our Father's Divine Will as it motivates our life, the etheric life and all other life besides. Our chief concern on this night to contemplate is our own will and drive and fervor in the world. We may anticipate a sense of personal motivation becoming clarified within us. And wake to feel the spirit within us!

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