Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Body Astrea

The Body Astrea is not to be confused with the astral composite-slag which impregnates physical matter. The Body Astrea is a finer light body which faithfully mirrors the cosmic aspects of starry configurations and their qualities.

The veritable map of the Zodiac, light and as incorporeal as the gossamer strands in fairy legend, this 'starry' body is our carrier into the cosmic realms, and is in the likeness of Christ whose Body Astrea is all that is the Zodiac.

Therefore, one cannot separate the synthesis of astreaic membrane from the Christ; even though He has not as yet, awakened the astral realms which adhere to the planet. Those astral spaces are timeless, and they are unruly. However the astral world which is attracted to the manifested physical world is by nature and in actuality, immature by comparison to the starry body around which a man's physical organs do gravitate.


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