Friday, February 24, 2012

Upon the Subject of the Etheric Life

'Life' is the driving propulsive force which needs go before all manifestive examples. Life makes the space, the cavity which will permit the ensuing manifestation to be. Not only is it as essence, but ensoulment - in the greater context - that the spark/spirit of Divinity has projected itself into the substances that enclothe actuality, enshrouding in soul.

The Etheric Life is the Physical Complex, and yet, having stipulated this, the physical matter is not necessarily bound in autoclave and with synchronicity. As yet, Christ is fully realized in perfected Etheric Matter. This is the evolutionary modicum for future substance, at present only realized in part.

Consciousness may drift into bodies, which although connected, are not 'lit' by the conscious mind/awareness hitherto. During sleep a man is not fully separated from his physical and etheric bodies and their counterparts, but his consciousness has shifted its emphasis; and his ego-self - to which the consciousness is bound, has extended itself into and out to greater perimeters of being. The etheric mass of the World is as [in example] the physical body of Christ. As with a sleeping frame unlit by conscious activity or will to motivate the inanimate limbs, the etheric system ran with a sufficient metabolism regular and correct, awaiting the filling of form by Christ, the owner. In this sense He was here before He arrived.

The seeding of the physical matter is another 'matter' entirely - this being meant in both senses, of course. For as it has been alluded to previously, the physical world itself requires both transformation and at the same time, direct crossing into future worlds and their substance. Kinetically, Christ entered into a concentrated point of then perfected physicality, and the subsequent dispersement of that body itself seeded the region and the lands around, which in turn set about changing the makeover of the entire Globe.

The physical entrance as we know it, was as the sub-physical to Christ, whose life is the Etheric World, from which we are all sustained. His 'waking' into His body, is ever circulating and insisting itself here and there; however, as pointed to once again, every being which inhabits and comprises that light world is summoned to an audience with Christ.

The fairies have found a greater King - not as their former, being an imp or a devil or a man. Now it is that they too - and even without the gifts that Man has had bestowed upon him - may come to Christ in delight, with applause and in celebration. This will go well for Man also, for hitherto these kingdoms have been prone to impatience and hot-temperedness at the shortcomings and idiosyncrasies of the dullards who are insensitive to their parent realm.


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