Thursday, February 16, 2012

Upon the Subject of the Saturation of the Earth through to the Inner Core

 Descent into Hell, Copperplate print by Pieter van der Heyden on a drawing by Bruegel

 [The below remarks by B.Hive, relate to questions arising from Robert Powell's Christian Hermetic Astrology, on our Christ's present journey through the inner Earth.]
THERE is a picture of our Christ supporting a massive rock ledge, with all of his might and intent that one by one folk may issue forth from their captivity and out into freedom. That were it not for this solitary being, those souls would be still held within those dark and unloving recesses.

There are three points to be made here:

  1. The souls and the beings which are transformed and thereby freed by the Christ are not as overcome, but released. There is a slight but grave distinction in perspective here. As He makes His way throughout the lower spheres He does so overcoming only those trace elements of decadent residue, of which the beings are made free of.
  2.  The process, if you will, takes time because Christ meets every soul and being who inhabits the realm naturally - He is before each and every one individually and completely. As you can begin to imagine this actually takes more than a considerable time; much more, and is in point of fact, largely accomplished outside of our time for the greater part. Our time period does not relate accordingly to what needs to take place and is 'doing' in those altered regions.
  3. There is little said, and for good reasons, about those parts of a man which are intimately associated to him, which abide in the nether-regions of the lower spheres. Each layer in is as an actual sphere - picture spheres within spheres. The outer Earth is this too, whilst a greater one extends also out from that. However, every soul of Man has a part/portion/parcel of self actually held within each sphere, higher and lower, relative to him. This is not even taking into account those beings too, which are primarily connected with him in time, to his actions past and to the fulfilling of their future design. No, this is moreover relating to Man's earthly warranty, his 'toes' which extend into the very depths; and for Christ to save the whole Man, these 'toes', these lower limbs of Man's being, must be loosened from the mud and rock and brought up as each sphere amalgamates within another.

Quote from Robert Powell's article SUB-NATURE AND THE SECOND COMING:
Concerning the lost Kingdom of the Mother, it is interesting to consider Rudolph Steiner's words to Countess Johanna von Keyserlingk at the end of the Agricultural Course (Whitsun 1924), at which he laid the foundations for a new and conscious relationship to Demeter through a spiritually-based agriculture (biodynamic farming):

Rudolph Steiner was good enough to come up to my room, where he spoke with me about the Kingdom in the interior of the Earth. We know that at the moment Christ's blood flowed onto the Earth a new Sun-globe was born in the Earth's interior. My search had always been to penetrate the depths of the Earth, for I had seen raying up from there an Earth-core of gold, which Ptolemy designated as the "Archetypal Sun". I could not do otherwise, again and again, than to bring this golden ground into connection with the land of Shamballa, of which Rudolph Steiner had spoken. He had recounted how this land had disappeared from the sight of human beings and that Christ would open the door to those human beings seeking it, to lead them to the "sunken, fairy-tale land of Shamballa" of which the Hindus dream . . .
 I asked Rudolph Steiner, "Is the interior of the Earth of gold, originating from the empty space within the Sun, actually belonging back there again?" He replied, "Yes, the interior of the Earth is of gold." For the sake of certainty, I asked him further, "Herr doctor, If I stand here upon the ground, then beneath me, deep in the interior of the Earth, is the golden land. If I were to attain to freedom from sin and were to remain standing in the depths, the demons would not be able to harm me and I would be able to pass through them to the golden land. Is this so?" He replied, "If one passes through them together with Christ, then the demons are unable to harm one, but otherwise they would be able to destroy one!" He added the significant words, "However, they are able to become our helpers. Yes, this is so. The path is right, but it is very difficult".

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