Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Sun & Moon Forces

As they say about old ghosts that hang around: "Have chain, will rattle!" In other words, give any being the wherewithal to make a whole lot of noise about itself and it most surely will!

The consciousness of our Christ pulsates into the World, being the Sun forces, which peak, flow and draw back. At each saturation the generalities are revitalized and everything is strengthened and at its best - or worst, as the case may be.

There has been a question along these lines to do with those influences as shouldered by the Moon in its relation to our world. Moon-dust is magnetically attracted to the planet, which draws it away into the seas, the clouds and the troughs of mist, and into the deposits of dew.

Moon-dust expands the physical world, for its particles are spatially intrusive. Water may be weight-measured according to this. Such dust from the old world holds properties which affect Men and their world. The reason why the full Moon activity in this respect is accentuated, is because of the action of the Sun loosening the particles that they, in larger dose are pulled in by the nets (the waters) of the Earth.

From a point of view of clairvoyance, the free particles of moon-dust promote the ways of atavistic seering, in correspondence with past passages of consciousness. The advice given however, to wear a cap on the head at such times of full Moon, is profitable to those who are ill-affected by the impressionistic modality and/or some related illnesses; and too, those who are progressively attempting a 'break' from former ways of thinking or being and wish to change.

This may mean a change within their makeover of almost anything, for the moon-dust promotes the theme-principle of repetition and enforces the law of cycles. Therefore for those who wish to effect some breakaway or change, it is to be at the time of the new Moon, and with a limited exposure to the full lantern.

Conversely, from this one can see how certain medicines may become very useful for irregularities which require a return to cyclic order - utilizing the harmonies of rhythm.

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