Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Christian Brotherhood

From the Anthroposophical viewpoint, 20th century socialism and communism were both "in a hurry", because they are both impulses supplanted from the future and forced on societies in an unhealthy way.

In the Christian socialism of the future, every human being who can say "not I but Christ in me" has not the desire to guard his own little stack at the expense of others. Need, not greed, becomes the the overriding principle. The carrot and stick approach of individual greed, will be replaced by an impulse of love.

In fact, it won't be just material goods that are shared, Dr. Steiner also speaks of the possibility of us taking on the karma of others.

This is really Rudolf Steiner's teaching on the matter, but there are those who want to extend past impulses into the future where they do not belong. These folk are just as bad as the Marxists and others who wanted to force future impulses on an unprepared humanity. Marx (according to Steiner) had a big chip on his shoulder remaining from his previous incarnation. His argument with unfairness seemed to extend from man up to God as well.

Our true position now lies between strength in our selfhood and understanding our place in the collective. If we confine ourselves to self we can become raving egotists/meglomaniacs. If we deny our I Am, and dissolve into group mind, we commit a crime against ourselves, and Christ.

Rudolf Steiner repeatably told us that the coming race was one of Christian Brotherhood:
"But from a small colony in the East [in footnote: The Slavonic peoples] there will be developed, as though from a seed, new life for the future. The economic needs of existence will then be separated from work: there will be no more personal possession, everything will be owned in common. One will no longer work for one's personal existence, but will do everything as an absolute offering for humanity."

- Rudolf Steiner, Foundations of Esotericism, lecture 8, Rudolf Steiner Press,
London, 1983, p. 232.

Ahrimanic Socialism cannot be conflated with Christian Socialism as outlined by Rudolf:

"An impulse in life can be harmful by itself, but can be beneficial in co-operation with other impulses..."

"One direction is to symbolize for us the socialism to which modern mankind is striving - not just current Lenin socialism. The second line is to symbolize what I have often characterized as to you as freedom of thought, and the third direction is Spiritual Science.

"If socialism, in the crude materialistic form in which it appears today, attempts to force itself upon mankind, it will bring the greatest unhappiness upon humanity. It is symbolized by Ahriman...."

"If the false freedom of thought, which wants to stop short at every thought and make it valid, seeks to force itself, then harm is again brought to mankind. This is symbolised in our Group by Lucifer. But you cannot exclude neither Lucifer or Ahriman from the present day, they must be balanced through Pneumatology, through Spiritual Science, which is represented by the Representative of Mankind...."
-Ancient Myths their Meaning; Their Meaning & Connection with Evolution, Lecture 5, 11th January 1918.

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888 said...

The Socialism of the present and past, is not indicative of the situation in the future. In a condition known as the Sixth Race (or Subrace) things will be different. See & And truly, how else would you expect a society of Christian Brotherhood to be? As to the question of the freedom of the individual see and the posts that follow- the Arterial Self.