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Masters of Wisdom & Harmony of Feelings

"In the same way that a higher animal excels a worm, do the Rishis, the Masters, excel humanity... What is highly esteemed in the West - knowing for the sake of knowing - is not what the adepts, the great Masters, of the East strive after. They aspire to knowledge which can help humanity, which can conduct it to the point where the destiny of humanity and the harmony of the world are in agreement with each other."

-Rudolf Steiner
Remember, the Masters are incarnate and speaking to mankind continually; it's just that most aren't listening.

“Today the Mahatmas will have something to say to us today....The three duties of the esoteric pupil are named: overcome pride and vanity, live theosophy practically, represent theosophy to the world.

"Now the Master Morya will speak....The Masters can be regarded by us as Ideal. They have attained what we must attain in the future. We can therefore question them about our future development.
There lie within us, but as yet in the form of a germ, the forces which have reached perfection in a Master."

 - Rudolf Steiner, Berlin Class July 14, 1904, stenographic notes by Franz Seiler

"Morya - real name is communicated only to the more advanced pupils."

- Rudolf Steiner,
The History and Contents of the Esoteric Section

"When in the world outside the modern leaders of men go about in human garb, they are unrecognized in the world. When from the standpoint of Spiritual Science we talk about 'The Masters of Wisdom and Harmony of Feelings' people would often be surprised to in what simple, unassuming human form these Masters are to be found in all countries. They are present on the physical plane."

- page 128, Wonders of the World, Ordeals of the Soul, Revelations of the Spirit, Rudolf Steiner.

"The Philosopher's Stone has a specific purpose, which was stated by Cagliostro; it is meant to prolong human life to a span of 5,527 years....In fact, however, it is possible, by means of special training, to prolong life indefinitely by learning to live outside the physical body."

"Physical death is only an apparent occurrence for him who has understood the Philosopher's Stone for himself, and has learnt to separate it."

"He lays aside the physical body in the same way that one takes of a raincoat, and he puts on a new body just as one puts a new raincoat on."

- Rudolf Steiner, pages 103-104 Temple Legend,

Dr. Steiner teaches that as we refine the astral body (establish peace) it "gradually approaches immortality", "an astral form arises which survives, remains living."

"When someone has become a Chela he begins to establish peace in the etheric body. Then the etheric body too survives. The Masters establish peace in the physical body; thus in their case the physical body also survives."
- Foundations of Esotericism, page 171.

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