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Rudolf Steiner's Indications on Electricity

In 1954 Mr. Schiller lectured in New York on Rudolf Steiner's indications on electricity:

Today people use electricity without knowing what it is. Only a knowledge of its real nature can protect man against the destructive forces which assume as Ahrimanic Exusiai- the garment of light gone astray.

Electricity entered the evolution of mankind in Lemuria and entered cosmic evolution upon the Sun with Ahriman. Galvani discovered it, but today we must see through it much more sharply.

Natural heat and natural light redeems matter, electricity and magnetism imprison it. In regard to electricity and magnetism we need a moral judgment. Modern science explains the whole world as a product of electricity, i.e. sub-physical forces.

Our thoughts concerning nature are in themselves creative forces and upon Jupiter and Venus [future states] they will take on real shape. Even as nature slides down into the sub-sensible, so man must rise to the supersensible. He does it by learning to grasp the nature of the etheric forces in a concrete and specific manner.
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Between 1904 and 1909 Rudolf Steiner used the name Asuras for Archai. Later he used this name for counter-beings.

Rudolf Steiner's answers to questions at the end of the Lecture: The Etherisation of the Blood 
Basle, October 1st, 1911

Question: What is electricity?

Answer: Electricity is light in the sub-material state. Light is there compressed to the utmost degree. An inward quality too must be ascribed to light; light is itself at every point in space. Warmth will expand in the three dimensions of space. In light there is a fourth; it is of fourfold extension — it has the quality of inwardness as a fourth dimension.

“By far the greater part of all that is at work through the agency of technical science in the civilization of to-day is not Nature, but Sub-Nature. It is a world which is emancipating itself from Nature, downwards. And as he penetrates into this merely Earthly realm, he encounters the world of Ahriman. He must learn to bring himself and his own human being into right relation with this Ahrimanic element.

"As yet, in the course hitherto taken by the Technical Age, he has not found the way to readjust his human relation rightly to this new civilization of Ahriman. Man must find the strength, the inner faculty of knowledge and discernment, for his human being not to be overwhelmed by Ahriman in the civilization of Technology. Sub-Nature must be understood in this, its character of under Nature. It will only be so understood if man rises at least as high in spiritual knowledge of that super-Nature which lies outside the earthly sphere, as he has descended in technical science below it into Sub-Nature.

"Electricity must be recognized in its own peculiar power to lead down from Nature to Sub-Nature. But man must not glide down with it.

"But in a Science of the Spirit the other sphere is created, from which an Ahrimanic element is altogether absent. It is precisely by taking into his mind that form of spiritual intelligence to which the Ahrimanic Powers have no access, that man gains the strength to meet Ahriman in the world, to encounter him here.”

-Rudolf Steiner, The Michael Mystery, From Nature to Sub-Nature, Chapter 29

“The more we make use of this power the more will the earth tend to become a corpse so that the spiritual part of the earth can be preparing itself for the Jupiter stage. Forces have to be used to destroy the earth so that man may be freed from the earth and the body of the earth can fall away. As long as the earth was developing in a forward direction this did not happen for the great civilizing achievements of electricity can serve only a disintegrating earth. However strange this may sound to-day, it must be gradually made known. There is an even more terrifying force which cannot be kept secret much longer. We can only hope that when this force comes, as it quite certainly will, a force we have to think of as far more powerful than the strongest electrical charges – we must hope that before any inventor bestows this power on mankind, nothing un-moral will be left in human nature!”

-Anthroposophical Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1956


Anonymous said...

bruce, which would be RS recommendations while living in a city, and in a wired house....i mean like maybe there are protection symbols or something like feng shui....?

888 said...

Read what the Zarathustris say about this:
I don't know of any such indication by Steiner. The Brothers have suggested having founts of water inside- I don't know whether this would help (in relation to electrical radiation) or not. The message is clear, as with the Zoroastrian example above, if you have a chapel or temple, it is better to have it electricity free.
In the future electricity will be replaced with etheric technology.