Friday, October 05, 2007

Parsis & Electricity

It is a revealing fact that Zarathustris recognize the nature of electricity.
From the page:

"First of all, installing electric wires inside this talismatic structure will break this Karsh and Kat (veil between earth and air atmosphere) by wires. Besides, electricity (which carries outside Drujih-filled thoughts) passes through these wires cause "collusion" with Kat and Pavi, which results in creation of numerous exits in Kat and weakening of Pavi's talism."
I quote more from the page:
"Why electric lights are causing danger to our rituals and ceremonies? So what if the lights are on? "I cannot read prayer book in darkness." Such mildly anxiety-filled questions will arouse curiosity in the minds of people who are sincere to learn about its reasons and wish to practice this scriptural fact."
"Electricity is dangerous for the efficacy of Avesta Manthras and quasi-Pavi (imaginary fortress around the Jashan area following certain Tarikats) 'constructed' by the Priest during Jashan or any ritual or ceremony. The electricity is composed of dangerous wavelengths and vibrations that are far inferior and destructive than of Staota Yasna (Avesta composition) for maintaining PaviKat area for our ceremonies. It is dangerous for people of Burjishi Jhirum (Zarathustris) to make use of electricity in any thing. I know this statement will generate several arguments but we cannot survive without making use of electricity in everyday activities. However, ritual and ceremonies are guided by scriptural facts that are far beyond our understanding or conveniences of day to day life. These are the spiritual exercises that involve sacred composition of Avesta Manthras, which has to practice as per the religious Tarikats without entertaining any exception. An oil lamp (Divo) has capacity to drive-off darkness, evil & Drujih after sunset."

So the wise Zarathustris with their intimate knowledge of Ahriman have understood the implications of electricity just as Rudolf Steiner has explained. The Christians are yet to catch up with this, but they too would find benefit from removing the influence of electricity from their churches and chapels.

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