Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Personal Ego Eclipsed

In the twelfth lecture of St. John Dr. Steiner says that when a person is illuminated with the Holy Spirit according to esoteric Christianity, "he speaks forthwith in a different manner."
"How does he speak? When he speaks about Saturn, Sun and Moon, about the different members of the human being, about the processes of cosmic evolution, HE IS NOT EXPRESSING HIS OWN OPINION. His views do not at all come into consideration. When such a person speaks about Saturn, it is Saturn which is speaking through him. When he speaks of the Sun, the Spiritual Being of the Sun speaks through him."

[All these beings speak through him.]
"HE IS THE INSTRUMENT. His personal ego has become eclipsed, which means that at such moments it has become impersonal and it is the Cosmic Universal Ego that is using his ego as its instrument through which to speak."
-Gospel of John lectures- Rudolf Steiner

So isn't Dr. Steiner speaking of himself here?
His personal ego had "become eclipsed". This is not to be confused with a surrendering of the ego as in trance mediumism.

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